University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

University Housing


Pie in the Sky

by Jim Hawley


About the Work

Every few years (since 1977) I’ve painted a “Pie in the Sky” picture. It gives me a chance to see how my painting has changed. The kind of pie, the perspective of the viewer, the composition, color palette, the sky and landscape are elements that always change in these pictures. The phrase “Pie in the Sky” is associated with the false prom- ise of unrealistic optimism.The ideas for many important inventions (like the telephone or democracy) were once “Pie in the Sky”.


About the Artist

Jim has been a custodian at Riverview since it opened in January 2007. He’s lived in Riverwest for many years. Jim received his BFA from Bradley University and Layton School of Art, and has been painting for 45 years.