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Un hueco en la Memoria and Lo queda

by Ximena Soza


About the artist

Ximena Soza was born in Chile in 1975, a country that was deeply troubled by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet at the time. The experience has marked her as a person; she is now a teacher, writer and artist, whose work is always committed to social justice. Ximena has participated in several collective exhibits, showing her work in different medias, such as stone carving, metal work and weaving. In Milwaukee she has installed many Ofrendas for Day of the Dead at WPCA, UWM and Latino Arts. She also participated in the show Emergent Latinos in Milwaukee and In Borders, an exhibit about im- migration into the United States, held at UW—Oshkosh. Ximena has worked as a performing artist with different theater companies, and has also been awarded with several international literary prizes for her fiction and poetry. She has received scholarships and fellowships for her studies in education as well. Ximena is currently a teacher in MPS and a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee.