University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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Trees (Digital Prints-Park #4646 and #4615)

by John Shea


About the Work

The “Invitation Series” is John’s latest work. Within this series are various themes that have been separated into the “Trees,” “Clouds,” “Fish,” “Water,” and “Land”. Together they create a visual whole, while still standing as individual bodies of work. The “Trees” thread is one where the atmosphere within these images is that of the “ethe- real”, the play upon paths and trees, where light, color and object, are felt from an internal place. Most all of the images created from the “Trees” were taken along the paths of the Milwaukee River Parkway System on the east side of Milwaukee.


About the Artist

John Shea graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Masters of Fine Arts in 1994. He received the Milwaukee County Emerging Artist fellowship grants in 1994 and has two works from the series in the collection of the Milwaukee Arts Museum. John says, “My approach to making images is an intuitive, creative process in which the external physical world becomes a “playground” for in- vestigating aspects of the internal ‘self’. I believe that a dialogue can be established between conscious and subconscious awareness when being engaged with the creative process and the practice of making art. With image making, this dialogue is symbolic, presented in the formal, and layered with meaning, from the experiences, time, and information that I have projected throughout life. The images become the conscious discovery of this personal multiplicity. Personal history, time, and spirit, are not separate.”