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Tres Generaciones 1, 2, 3

by Cristian Muñoz


About the Artist

Cristian Muñoz‘s artistic career started when he was still a teenager. During the years of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in his native country Chile, Cristian supported the student movement and the political struggle of that time. His political murals are now a part of several compilations on mural art. As a student Cristian used his art for making videos and documentaries, and has participated successfully in several short film festivals. One of his videos is in the collection of The Historical Na- tional Museum in Chile. During his years at Universidad Arcis in Santiago, Cristian was a teaching assistant in several subjects and participated in many collective exhibits. Since his arrival in Milwau- kee in 2007, Cristian has been part of the show Emergent Latinos in Milwaukee at WPCA and many installations for Day of the Dead at UWM, WPCA, Latino Arts and The Milwaukee Art Museum. He also assisted Raoul Deal in the multicultural exhibit Implosion in UWM, 2008.