University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

University Housing


Window Panes

by Laci Coppins


About the Work

Daily each of us steals moments of observa- tion which create an external perception of individuals around us. What we fail to realize is often times these same individuals are doing their best to share or hide an internal perspective. As with any house, each window shares a different view internally and externally. We make the choice to accept or recede from the observation. Additionally, we find our- selves on both sides of the pane at any given moment.


About the Artist

After 15 years Laci Coppins has returned back to her roots of Milwaukee. While away, Coppins worked as both an elementary school teacher and principal. After resigning from her job she moved to Italy to live, work, and further build her love for art and photography. Currently, she is pursuing her dream as a resident artist with REDLine Milwaukee and extending her photographic projects. Coppins shares this about her work, “In my current projects of alternative non-traditional portraiture, the images are of people; with a pattern of hiding their faces. My intent is to rouse the viewer with the emotion behind the image- the pose, the attitude or the tension exhibited, rather than the individual.” .