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The Appeals Process

Residents have the right to appeal a decision made within the Behavior Process if there are concerns that:

  • There was not substantial evidence to support the conclusions reached.
  • A substantial error in due process was made where the resident did not receive adequate notice of the behavior meeting or standard University and University Housing procedures were not followed.
  • The sanctions imposed were too severe or not appropriate for the violation.
  • There is new evidence of a substantive nature that came to light after the original behavior meeting
  • The initial administrator who heard the case was biased.
  • Resident did not violate any rules or regulations.

All appeals must be received within five business days of the sanction being issued. In order for a hearing of appeal to be granted, the resident is expected to follow the guidelines included on the Behavior Appeal form. The administrator who hears the appeal will contact the resident and inform him/her of the decision regarding the appeal. The administrator hearing the appeal may decide to uphold the original decision, change the original decision to a less severe sanction, or overturn the original decision.

Download the Behavior Appeal Form.