University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

University Housing


University Housing Facilities Reservation Form


Please see the University Housing Facilities Reservation Policy and the University Housing Facilities Rate Schedule for details 

Charges do not apply to reservations made by University Housing affiliated groups. All public reservations (open to all University Housing residents) made by non-University Housing organizations are permitted at no charge. Private reservations made by Non-University Housing related organizations will be charged accordingly. 

Please make your room selections based on the existing setups of the rooms. Only Sandburg Flicks and Sandburg Green Room will accommodate special set-ups. You are welcome to move the furniture in the room around to your liking, however, the room must be returned to its original setup (including temperature) at the conclusion of your reservation.

This form will be submitted to the Residential Guest Services staff at Kenilworth Square Apartments. All reservations are considered tentative until an email confirmation has been received from a Residential Guest Services staff member.


If this will be an ongoing or recurring event on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis, please make sure you have listed all specific dates on this request.


* Only applies to Sandburg Flicks and Sandburg Green Room. If a special set-up is requested, a Residential Guest Services staff member will contact you directly to discuss the details of the set-up.

The only available technology is that which is provided in the rooms at no charge. Please refer to the following URL for information regarding technology provided in specific rooms: