University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

University Housing


Resident Assistant Application Tips


What makes a great RA?

So, you're thinking you may want to become a Resident Assistant (RA). It's never to early to start making sure you have all the qualifications for the job.

University Housing believes that an excellent candidate for the RA position possesses the following qualities:

  • Strong ability to communicate with others
  • Values "team" and is able to be a team player
  • Strong ability to balance many things (classes, the job, personal life)
  • Appreciation and celebration of difference and diversity
  • Desire to develop and assist other students
  • Have a realistic view of the RA job
  • Has many experiences that would relate well to the position*

*Some examples of these experiences may include:

  • Involvement in a student organization at UWM
  • Employment in an office on campus
  • Assisting your current RA with planning events for your floor
  • Participating in the University Housing Community Review Board
  • Attending events on campus and in the residence halls
  • Making an effort to interact with and learn about/from people who are different from you
  • Camp counselor

If you take advantage of the activities and services offered by University Housing and the rest of the UWM campus (like the Student Success Center) and make an effort to be involved, you have a very good chance of being a successful RA applicant.