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The Student Housing Administrative Council is Residence Hall Association for UWM, a standing student government in charge of allocating funds, writing legislation and defending resident interests in on-campus housing. The Senate, made up of students from each building, has the power to create major change in the lives of residents every day.

Under state statute 36.09(5) students are guaranteed the primary say in policies concerning student life, services, and interests, which means the student voice must be heard.

Overseen by the Executive Board and University Housing Advisor, SHAC has many positions for any resident who wishes to get involved.

SHAC also sponsors events such as

  • carnivals
  • entertainers
  • educational programs
  • volunteer opportunities

plus other events for involved students, like retreats and trips to residence hall conferences. SHAC provides fundraising services that parents can purchase for students, such as final exam packs, Valentines Day gift boxes, and more.


2012-13 SHAC Executive Board

Kareem Sample - President (
Haley Evanoff - Vice President (
Chris Laabs - Business Manager (
Kenlei Cowell - Events Coordinator (
Alyssa Zasada - National Communications Coordinator (


SHAC General Body Meeting Times

The General Body (any student from Sandburg, Cambridge, or Riverview) meets at 8pm on Monday nights in C160 (Sandburg Cafe after 3/25/13).

Community Council Meeting Times

NorthWest: Tuesdays at 8pm (rotating location)
SouthEastPurin: Tuesdays at 8pm (rotating location)
SouthEnd: Wednesdays at 8pm (rotating location)


Contact Us

Office: Sandburg C221

Phone: (414) 229-6313