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Fitness Centersexterior image of klotche center

All student at UWM have access to the Klotsche Center fitness center.

In addition to the services that the Klotsche center provides, University Housing offers a variety of fitness areas for our residents to use at no charge. Our goal is to help our residents maintain a healthy lifestyle while living with us and to facilitate this we have updated these areas to reflect the needs and desires of our students. Please feel free to utilize these areas within the policies and procedures of University Housing. Prior to using these areas be sure to read all applicable safety and waiver information posted on the wall.

We will offer a variety of health and wellness events for the residence hall community along with fitness classes to be posted later. Be sure to check back for updates as we develop these initiatives.

Direct any questions regarding these areas to Christopher C. Sewalish, Residential Program Staff and West Tower Complex Coordinator for University Housing:

Sandburg Residence Hall

The Sandburg Residence Hall Fitness Space is located between rooms C160 and C168, right next to The Grind on your way to East Tower. This space includes treadmills, elliptical cross trainers and a variety of strength training equipment.

HOURS: 6AM – Midnight


Cambridge Commons


The Cambridge Commons Fitness Space is located on the first floor directly next to the service desk. This state of the art space includes treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, strength training equipment and high definition televisions.

HOURS: 6AM – Midnight




RiverView Residence HallRiverViewFitness

RiverView Residence Hall has two fitness areas. Both contain treadmills, elliptical cross trainers and a variety of strength training equipment. These areas can be found on the 3rd floor, room 327 and on the 5th floor, room 527.

HOURS: 6AM – Midnight




Kenilworth Square ApartmentsKenilworthFitness

The Kenilworth Fitness Area is located on the second floor directly next to the stairwell and common rooms. The area features treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, free weights, benches and other strength training equipment.

HOURS: 24 Hour Access