The HPC Service support model focuses on providing one-on-one interpersonal assistance as much as possible in order to meet the unique and complex needs of each researcher. Direct user support is provided by "facilitators" who are employed by individual schools and colleges, and therefore specialize in assisting with particular types of research. The facilitators also work with each other as part of the HPC support group in order to maximize the economic benefits of providing a centralized HPC service.

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Requesting Access

HPC research resources are available to UWM faculty and their assistants for grant-related research. HPC educational resources are available to UWM students for course work and independent research projects. Students and researchers interested in utilizing the HPC service can request access using the form below. A facilitator will then contact you to assess your needs and help you get started using the service.

College or school within UWM (L&S, CEAS, etc.)

Please describe how you intend to use the HPC service