Off-Campus Computing Resources

XSEDE (formerly TeraGrid)

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment is a group of large clusters and grids available free of charge for academic research.



Southeast Wisconsin High Performance Computing is a voluntary association of institutions working to advance research and education. 


Open Science Grid

The Open Science Grid is a very large scale global grid consisting of resources shared by numerous institutions.


Cornell Red Cloud

The Cornell Red Cloud is an on-demand research computing service available by subscription. It provides virtual servers managed by the subscriber, and a software service for running large-scale Matlab models utilizing the Matlab distributed computing server and nVidia GPUs.


Amazon EC2

The Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) provides virtual servers on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Customers manage their own operating system and software installations on the virtual servers, and can launch as few or as many virtual servers as needed at any given moment.