User Guides

Note: The "UWM HPC User's Guide" has been renamed the "UWM Parallel Computing User's Guide" to better reflect the content, which now covers High Throughput Computing (HTC) in addition to High Performance Computing (HPC).

Detailed documentation on using UWM's parallel computing resources is provided in the UWM Parallel Computing User's Guide. This guide provides a tutorial for individuals new to clusters and grids, as well as detailed reference material for topics specific to the UWM Research Computing Service.

For those new to research computing and those who do not need parallel computing resources, we also offer the Introduction to Research Computing guide, which focuses on the use of individual computers.

Online Documentation

Documentation on the SLURM resource manager can be found at

Documentation on the HTCondor distributed computing software can be found at

Requesting Help

The Research Computing Service support model provides one-on-one interpersonal assistance to meet the unique and complex needs of each researcher. If you have questions or require assistance using the cluster, e-mail A facilitator will contact you to obtain additional information about your research computational needs.