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Historic Preservation Institute

Mission Statement

The Historic Preservation Institute at SARUP is dedicated to the
preservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and environments. UWM- SARUP's Preservation Institute gives students the chance to gain hands on experience in the field of preservation.


Carson, Pirie, Scott                                                                          Chicago

Recasting Sullivan Molds


The purpose of the Historic Preservation Institute is to promote historic preservation and adaptive reuse through engagement in community service projects. The Institute is focused on expanding the already acknowledged social and economic benefits of historic preservation by both recognizing and promoting significant historic buildings. Community service projects have been an effective way to engage architectural students in actual preservation work. The ability to overlap academic studies with real world circumstance has proven beneficial to both the students and the community.

The Institute, through its current and future community projects, will disseminate scholarly research related to historic preservation, while incorporating the most up-to-date technical advances in the building industry. The agenda of projects undertaken will be specifically focused on documentation evaluation and recommendations. The work will correspond with the academic requirements of the Historic Preservation Certificate Program at SARUP and will encompass training and education of students.

The institute provides historic preservation researchers and graduate students with an opportunity to work with private and public organizations interested in historic   preservation and adaptive reuse. The research and data collection information generated by the Institute provides a complete understanding of a buildings history, present condition and future reuse viability.

Consulting Services:
-Reuse Feasibility Studies
-Building Documentation
-Planning Studies
-Structural Evaluation
-Endangered Building Rescue
-Historic Guidelines Consulting
-Foreign Study Trips
-Continuing Education Courses

Preservation Faculty

Preservation Faculty


UWM's preservation faculty and staff are committed to using their professional skills as well as their strong education and background in preservation.


Foreign Trips

Study Abroad


SARUP offers trips abroad to study historic structures in San Gemini, Italy and Japan and students will gain class credit toward their degree.


Preservation Week


Preservation Week


UWM and SARUP's Preservation Week is a yearly event that brings in guest lectures from the world of preservation and gives students the opportunity to learn from professionals and companies that are responsible for saving some of the world's most important buildings.




Job Futures


Preservation Job Information


With  Historic Preservation as a background a newly graduated student can find many different job opportunities in many different fields.


Historic Building Survey Center


The Historic Buildings Survey Center is

10 Most Endangered

Preservation Planning Studies

Milwaukee 10 Most Endangered

The Historic Preservation Institute have periodically composed lists of the most endangered historic buildings in the city.

Planning Studies

Historic Third Ward Development Plan and Lake Access Study for the Historic Third Ward Association.
Also, bridge study, fifth ward


Reuse Feasibility Studies



The Historic Preservation Institute have composed a yearly list of the most endangered historic buildings in the city.


Feasibility Studies


The Historic Preservation Institute works with clients to study the reuse possibilities of historic buildings.

Louis Sullivan


UWM has recently acquired a one of a kind collection of original molds for the famous Carson Prairie Scott Building in downtown Chicago.


UWM has many professional and useful contacts with expert businesses and organizations.

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