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Certificate in Preservation Studies
(Course Requirements)

The Certificate in Preservation Studies is designed to provide a formal program of studies for Master of Architecture students who wish to pursue careers in historic preservation in professional architectural practice or in governmental preservation agencies.

Students wishing to earn the Certificate must be enrolled in the Master of Architecture program at the University and must complete a minimum of 21 credits from the following groups of courses:

Preservation Core Required Courses (12 credits):
Arch 560 Introduction to Historic Preservation
Arch 760 History of Building Technology
Arch 835 Studies in Architectural History and Precedent: Historic Preservation

Preservation Master's Thesis or Master's Project (6 credits):
Arch 890 Master's Thesis
Arch 891 Master's Project

Preservation Elective Course (3 credits):
Arch 790 Special Topics in Preservation
Arch 531 Historic Concepts of Architecture
Arch 553 Vernacular Buildings and Groupings
Arch 561 Measured Drawings for Architects
Arch 562 Preservation Technology Laboratory
Arch 780 The Built Environment and Real Estate Development
ArtHist 459 American Architecture
ArtHist 461 Early Modern Architecture in the Midwest
ArtHist 462 Frank Lloyd Wright
ArtHist 701 Colloquium in Architectural History
Hist 450 Growth of Metropolitan Milwaukee
Hist 451 History of Wisconsin
Hist 651 Introduction to Material Culture in Historical Agencies
Hist 700 Introduction to Public History
Hist 713 Historical Research Methods

Students wishing to obtain the Certificate must declare their intention by applying to the Department of Architecture prior to completion of the three Preservation Core Required Courses. After completing the program requirements, a Certificate in Preservation Studies will be awarded by the Department of Architecture simultaneously with the award of the Master of Architecture degree.

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