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Koyasan Temple                                                    Japan Foreign Study Trip 2006 Click to view photo catalogue

Italy Foreign Study Trip 2006

The Certificate in Preservation Study is designed to provide a formal program of studies for the Master of Architecture student who wishes to pursue a career in historic preservation, in professional architectural practice or, in governmental preservation agencies. The study of  preservation will increase sensitivity to the city's districts and develop additional skills for professional practice.

Major source projects are undertaken in the field. Such experiences have included: preparing historic structures reports, adaptive reuse feasibility studies, design guidelines formulation, foreign study trips to Italy and Japan, community service projects and preparing measured drawings for existing structures at Taliesin.

The Certificate Program is strengthened through the activities of the Historic Preservation Institute (HPI), a separate entity established within the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. HPI secures grants from public and private sources for community related preservation projects, such as preservation planning, building evaluations, and preservation design recommendations. The Institute sponsors speakers, offers continuing education courses for members of the architectural profession, and publishes a newsletter.

For application forms and additional information please contact:

Joan Simuncak, Assistant Dean

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

P.O.Box 413 Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

(414) 229-4015

Course Requirements


Courses are offered to both fulfill educational intentions, as well as to take advantage of the specific expertise of the UWM SARUP faculty. Examine course descriptions, syllabus, instructor's required readings, etc.


Faculty and Staff

Faculty represent a spectrum of design philosophies, and many practice as well as teach their professions. Students can benefit from this exposure and from opportunities to observe and sometimes participate in faculty research.

Foreign Study Trips


Foreign Study Trips  As supplement to degree requirements, SARUP offers several options for Foreign study. Each program has a unique educational focus.

Continuing Education Classes

Regional Trips
C.E. classes offer professionals interested or involved in preservation an opportunity to further their education and knowledge of current activities. Chicago


Spring Green


Columbus, Indiana

Milwaukee as Laboratory

Students  - Directory & Projects

As a historic, industrial American city, Milwaukee and its transformation to a service economy exists as a quintessential example of the struggle to preserve the heritage of historic cities.

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