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Japan Summer Trip

SARUP and UWM offer

‘The Architecture of High-Tech and Historic’


Join instructors and students from UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning for an architectural tour of Japan. Based in three major cities – Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto – the trip will include both urban and rural Japanese buildings and sites. Colleagues from Wakayama and Osaka University will help organize tours which will include lectures, construction site visits, architects offices, museums and galleries, etc. We will visit buildings of the great Japanese masters like Ando, Shinohara, Kurokawa, Hara, Tange, Hasegawa, Isozaki, Ito, Maki, along with many non-Japanese architects who are responsible for contemporary landmarks. Our architectural experience will be supplemented with culinary and social events unique to Japanese historic and contemporary life.

A sub focus of the trip will be historic preservation. As a trip sponsored by the Historic Preservation Institute here at SARUP, we will be meeting with leading preservationists in Japan as well as visiting important historic sites like Katsura, Syugakuin, the Golden Pavilion, Shirakawa, Kobe, etc. We will join in discussions about the role of historic architecture relative to current pressures to demolish and build new.


3 credits for trip
3 additional credits with directed study after the trip


Matthew T Jarosz
Director, Historic Preservation Institute, SARUP
Room 372, SARUP
414 229-5686

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