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Step Three Changing Your Benefits Programs

When you enroll in benefits, your elections remain in effect to the end of the calendar year and you cannot make any changes until the next Open Enrollment period, which is usually in October. However, if you experience a qualifying family or employment status change during the calendar year, you may be able to make a benefit change that corresponds with the status change.

Please note that most benefits have deadlines for change.

Life Events

Changes in Family Status Changes in Employment Status
- Add new child in the family - Classified to Unclassified or vice versa
- Child loses dependent status - Increase/decrease in percent of appointment
- Decease of employee - Layoff
- Decease of spouse or child - Leave of Absence
- Disability and Serious Illness - Military Call-Up
- Divorce or Separation - Rehired Annuitant
- Domestic Partnership - Retirement
- Marriage - Termination
- Moving (to different UW campus or different county) - Becoming WRS-eligible