University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Disability Insurances Breakdown

  The State of Wisconsin offers coverage for short and permanent disabilities and long-term care coverage depending upon your needs.

  Short-Term: The Income Continuation Insurance Plan (ICI) is offered to all WRS eligible employees and provides up to 75% of your monthly income when you are medically unable to perform your work duties due to a temporary illness or injury. The benefit will pay out after the greater of your elected elimination period or a maximum of 1,040 hours of sick leave have been exhausted.
Two Levels of coverage offered based on your annual salary:
  • Standard ICI for coverage up to $64,000 annually
    • UW pays part of premium
  • Supplemental ICI for coverage from $64,001 to $120,000 annually
    • Employee pays all of premium
The coverage is then divided by employee type:
  • Classified: Your coverage will start after you have 6 full months of WRS participation (if you have prior WRS service, your coverage start date will be earlier) and you will automatically have a 30 elimination period. Your monthly deduction is based on the number of sick leave hours you have accumulated and your biweekly gross: see the Premium Chart for exact cost.
  • Unclassified: You can elect a 30, 90, 125 or 180 day elimination period for your coverage and it can be effective at one of two times:
    • 6 months of WRS service are completed and the UW will not contribute toward the premium (Less Than 1 Year State Service)
    • 12 months of WRS service and the UW will contribute toward the premium (More Than 1 Year State Service)
    • Your premiums will be based on your elected elimination period and your annual salary: see the Premium Chart for exact cost.
  Long-Term: Long-term care insurance is designed to help protect against the high costs of long-term care if you or a family member can no longer perform activities of daily living without the need of assistance. Medicare and most health insurance will not pay for these services. We currently offer plans through HealthChoice and do offer a post-tax payroll deduction for this coverage. You may enroll in this coverage at anytime as there is no deadline for enrollment.
  • If you are interested in exploring the benefits of long-term care insurance, you may:
    • Request an Information Packet
    • Contact HealthChoice toll-free at (800)833-5823
    • Visit
    • Email
    • For general information about the group long-term care insurance plans visit:
  Retirement Due to Permanent Disability: For employees participating in WRS, there is automatic coverage should you become disabled and are unable to work until normal retirement age due to a physical or mental disability. For more information please view ETF’s Disability Benefits guide.