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step 2Benefits Overview 

for Fellows*

* Please make note of your employment category in order to complete subsequent steps.

Most benefits have a 30 day enrollment period. More information is provided at the link of  each category below.
State Group Health Insurance

State Group Health Insurances

Provides medical, some dental, and pharmaceutical coverage for single employees and/or their families at the following monthly rate (with the exception of the Standard Plan):

  • $44.00 Single
  • $109.50 Family (2 or more individuals)
Dental and Vision Insurances

Supplemental Dental & Vision Insurances

Optional insurances provide additional coverage above what is covered by the State Group Health plan for dental and/or vision services. Should be selected for dental coverage when the Standard Plan is elected for health.

Life Insurances

Life Insurances

Provides coverage based on your individual needs. The 3 types available for your employment type:

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Individual & Family Term Life
  • UW Employees Inc.

Download your Benefits Summary in PDF.

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