University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Leave Benefits for Eligible Employees

• Paid Leave Options and Earnings

All eligible employees will earn Legal Holiday and Sick leave. Others will earn Vacation and Personal/Floating Holiday. All hours earned are based on the employment percentage and duration. Here is the breakdown:

Classified Employees

Earn Sick, Vacation, Personal Holiday and Legal Holiday. For a breakdown of how the hours are allocated and other information please visit the Payroll Office website.

Unclassified Employees
  • 12-Month/Calendar Year: Earn Sick, Vacation, Floating Holiday and Legal Holiday.
  • 9-Month/Academic Year: Earn Sick only.
    • All Unclassified employees are granted an initial entitlement of 176.0 hours of sick leave (prorated if part-time) for their first 18 months of employment. After which sick leave is earned at a rate of 8.0 hours per month for 12-month appointees and 10.7 hours per month for 9-month appointees.
    • Vacation, if eligible, is granted at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1) at a rate of 176.0 hours per year (prorated if part-time). Unused vacation can be carried over into the next fiscal year but must be used by the end of the new fiscal year (June 30).
    • Floating/Personal Holidays are granted at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1) at a rate of 36.0 hours per year (prorated if part-time). These hours must be used by the end of the fiscal year in which they were earned (June 30) or they will be lost.
    • Legal Holiday hours granted at the beginning of each fiscal year for 12-month appointees at a rate of 72.0 hours per year (prorated if part-time). 9-month appointees will not be granted Legal Holiday hours but are not expected to work on scheduled paid Legal Holidays. Please see your Personnel Representative for a current schedule of dates.
  • Reporting Leave
    • Leave needs to be reported by the 5th of the following month each month regardless of leave usage. By the 1st of the following month, your leave statement will be available on the My UW System portal. for employees to download and submit to their department. You must report leave in half or whole days (i.e. 4.0 or 8.0 hours) if you are full-time. Use the following parameters:
      • 0.0 – 2.0 hours used: report 0.0 hours
      • 2.1 – 6.0 hours used: report 4.0 hours
      • 6.1 – 8.0 hours used: report 8.0 hours
    • Part-time employees will report exact hours used.

For additional information on Unclassified Leave Benefits please visit the UW Office of Human Resources page .

• Unpaid Leave and/or FMLA

Leave is available under the Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or the Wisconsin Family Leave Act (WFMLA). You must meet certain employment requirements and have department approval prior to taking either of these types of leave. Please visit the FMLA page for more information or contact the Human Resources office at for additional information.