University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

step 2Benefits Overview for Unclassified* Employees
(Faculty and Academic Staff)

Most benefits have a 30 day enrollment period. More information is provided at the link of  each category below.

State Group Health Insurances

Provides medical, some dental, and pharmaceutical coverage for single employees and/or their families at the following monthly rate (with the exception of the Standard Plan):

  • $88.00 Single
  • $219.00 Family (2 or more individuals)

Supplemental Dental & Vision Insurances

Optional insurances provide additional coverage above what is covered by the State Group Health plan for dental and/or vision services. Should be selected for dental coverage when the Standard Plan is elected for health.


Life Insurances

Provides coverage based on your individual needs. The 5 types available for your employment type:

  • State Group Life
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Individual & Family Term Life
  • UW Employees Inc.
  • University Insurance Association (UIA)

Savings & Spending Accounts

Provides retirement investment information to include additional options and information about Employee Reimbursement Accounts for current expenditures.


Disability Insurances

Options that cover both short and long-term disability.

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