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Sick Leave

Sick leave assures continuation of pay during an absence from work due to the employee’s illness or injury, maternity or attendance to immediate family in illness or death. Classified employees earn sick leave immediately upon employment at the rate of five hours for each 80 hour pay period. Sick leave may only be used if it has been earned but it accumulates without limit. Unused balances can be used for health insurance payment at the time of retirement. As a general rule the supervisor must be notified of the reason for sick leave before or at the beginning of the regularly scheduled work day.

Faculty, academic staff, and limited title employees with qualifying appointments receive an initial 22-day allocation of sick leave. After 18 months, one sick day per month or six days per semester (prorated if part-time) are allocated. See also

Tuition ReimbursementTuition Reimbursement is a great way to further your education while working at UWM. The program itself is made up of policies from multiple sources. Which policy or language applies to you depends upon whether you are an unclassified employee, a nonrepresented classified employee, or a classified employee represented by one of several labor organizations. If you do not know which category applies to you, please consult the Types of Employment sections of this Guide, or see the Personnel Representative for your School/College or Division for more information.

Any permanent classified employee or unclassified employee holding an appointment of 50% or greater is potentially eligible for tuition reimbursement for college courses taken, although the amount of reimbursement, the limits of reimbursement, or the institutions recognized for reimbursement vary by employee category and can be affected by the economic resources of the School/College/ Divisions or Department. All potential reimbursement must be requested of the employer before the course begins, and reimbursement is only available for employees themselves and not for family members.

For more information, see the Tuition Reimbursement website. The application form for all categories is: or

Vacation and HolidaysInformation on legal holidays and vacation accrual can be found on the Department of Human Resources Benefits office “Vacation, Holidays and Miscellaneous Leave” page, Probationary employees accrue annual leave (vacation) but are not entitled to use it until after the first six months of employment. next button back button