University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

OFCCP's Definition of an Internet ApplicantMarch 2006
Definition: Internet Applicant – a job seeker applying for work through the Internet or related electronic data technologies from which the employer must solicit demographic information. (Effective date of new rule is 2/6/06) There are four criteria to meet the definition of an internet applicant:
  1. Individual expresses an interest in a position via an electronic format or data technology.
  2. Employer considers1 the individual for a position that is currently open.
  3. Individual’s expression of interest indicates they meet the basic qualifications2 for a specific position.
  4. Individual does not remove him/herself from consideration prior to a job offer.
Record Keeping: UWM must keep any and all solicited materials of applicants for each recruitment including the resume/cv, date resume/cv was received, the position the resume/cv was received for, the criteria (minimum qualifications) used in the search, dates of the recruitment, all tests (if applicable), test results (if applicable), and interview notes.

For UWM the unclassified recruitment files need to be kept for 3 years and then sent to Archives.

For UWM all application materials for unclassified recruitments should be kept for two years to meet the OFCCP requirement.

Race, gender and ethnicity of each applicant must be solicited but needs to be maintained separate from the recruitment file. Please note: for unclassified recruitments the self identification form must be returned to HR so we may maintain this information.

Unsolicited Resumes: UWM does not consider applicants who are not applying for specific positions. Should a unit receive an unsolicited resume they should not review the application but respond to the individual noting that if they wish to be considered for employment they need to follow the application procedures posted via the web or paper based advertisements. (UWM’s vanity URL for the employment page is

1Considers: if you open an email attachment to determine if the person is even applying for a specific position and do not reply stating the protocol or procedure for applying then the individual becomes an "applicant".

2Basic Qualifications: either advertised or established; qualifications must be objective, non-comparative and relevant to the position.