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Classified Project Appointments

Classified project appointments are positions created to function on specific projects that must be planned undertakings of a non-permanent nature which are different from the regular workload of the unit.

Project Appointment Rules
  • Cannot exceed four years in duration.
  • Appointing authorities can make appointments to project positions without using a formal referral system or examination, if approved by UWM's Department of Human Resources or OSER.
  • Positions must be posted on the State listing service (WISCJOBS) for 3 days before a hiring action can be initiated.
Conditions of Employment
  • Same appeal and grievance rights as permanent nonrepresented employees except project employees cannot appeal or grieve termination actions.
  • No transfer, promotion, layoff, reinstatement, restoration or displacement rights.
  • Required to work 600 or more hours per year (26 pay periods).
  • Eligible for the following employee benefits:
    • Vacation: Earned at the rate of 104 hours per year for non-exempt or 120 hours per year for exempt, prorated if the employee works less than full-time or if the appointment is terminated before the end of the year. Unused but earned vacation is paid out upon termination, and paid but unearned vacation is deducted from the final paycheck. Vacation leave may only be used after completion of the first six months of the appointment.
    • Sick Leave: Sick leave accrues at the rate of five (5) hours for each 80 hours worked and is prorated for less than full-time employment. It may not be used before it is accrued, and unused sick leave is not paid out upon termination.
    • Leave of Absence: Cannot be granted, except as required under the Family and Medical Leave Acts.
    • Holidays: Eligible immediately upon appointment.
    • Personal Holidays: Four and one-half (4½) personal holidays per year are available for use immediately upon appointment. If the first six months of employment are not completed, all personal holiday time used but unearned is deducted from the final paycheck.
    • Insurance Coverage for appointments anticipated to last a minimum of one year: Eligible to participate upon appointment. State contributions begin after two (2) months.
    • Retirement: vesting requirement of 5 years. (The new vesting requirement applies to an employee who initially becomes a WRS member on or after July 1, 2011. Members who begin WRS employment on or after July 1, 2011 must accrue five years of creditable service to be vested in the WRS. (Note: for part-time employees, accruing five years of creditable service may take longer than five years.))

Note: These conditions may vary if the appointee has already achieved permanent status as a State classified employee.

Recruitment Procedures
  • You must address all following seven (7) project guidelines, in writing, and include this information with the recruitment paperwork
    1. How long is the proposed appointment? The duration of the proposed project position should be used as a guideline or starting point for deciding whether to make a permanent or project appointment.
    2. Is the project position likely to be funded beyond the project's initial expected ending date? If yes, then a permanent postion is likely to be appropriate.
    3. Is this project likely to continue as an on-going, regular or permanent function of the agency or employing unit? If yes, then a permanent postion is likely to be appropriate.
    4. Are there financial or time requirements associated with initiating or completing the project? For example, is there a likelihood of a funding loss if this position is not filled by a certain date? If yes, then a project appointment is likely to be appropriate.
    5. Are the duties of the proposed project position closely related to on-going, permanent or regular functions of the agency or employing unit? If yes, then a permanent appointment is likely to be appropriate.
    6. Is there enough agency or employing unit turnover in the occupational area of the project position so that the appointee could be easily absorbed into the work force when the project is completed or terminated? When answering this question, consider the probability or likelihood of layoff. If yes, then a permanent appointment is likely to be appropriate. Consult with an HR Specialist or Personnel Representative for specific information.
    7. Are there any other factors that the agency considered in making its decision?
  • After the hiring justification has been approved, submit the project summary along with the following documents to the Department of Human Resources:
    1. Approved Request to Recruit via AIMS
      Note: IT positions must be reviewed by UITS prior to submission (contact Anthony Quintero, ext. 6804,
    2. Electronic copy of position description with cover sheet
    3. Organizational chart
    4. A position description that has been reviewed for High Importance Job Content (HIJC) by the supervisor or subject matter expert (SME).
    5. Project summary