University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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University Workplace

UWM Work/Life Balance Programs and resources promote the education, activities, and environmental changes for a safe and respectful work environment.

child UWM Children's Center
Serving professional child development and high-quality education programs for UWM students, faculty, and staff community.
Lactation UWM Lactation Program
Providing lactating nursing mothers with educational and environmental support of their breastfeeding goals.
neighborhood Neighborhood Relations
A vital resource for established neighborhood organizations by providing a direct link to the university.
classfied UWM Post Classifieds
Classified ads of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Personal Assistance/Advisory

Employee Assistance Program by Lifematters
LifeMatters® is Empathia’s service line dedicated to employee well-being. From emotional and family counseling to providing advocacy and guidance, we make life just a little more manageable for employees and their families. (Company password: SOWI)

resolution UWM Ombuds Council
Serving as a resource for informal guidance on policies, procedures and regulations affecting faculty and staff.
campusgarden UWM's Garden Club
Comprising of UWM faculty, staff, and students for growing healthy and affordable produce.
recycle Campus Recycling
Conserving natural resources and reducing pollution by recycling paper and comingle throughout the campus.
Carpool Zimride
Carpooling with your friends, classmates, and coworkers.
Zipcar Zipcar
Economical car rental for UWM faculty, staff and students.