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Welcome to the Institute on Aging and Environment

The Institute was funded by the Helen Daniels-Bader Charitable Trust in 1990 to promote research, scholarship, and service concerning environments for older persons, particularly those suffering from cognitive impairments. The mission of the Institute on Aging & Environment is the enhancement of the quality of life of older persons in our society through improvement of, and innovation in housing, institutional, and service settings. This mission is to be advanced through facilitation and conduct of aging-environment research, university and community education focused on issues of aging and environment, and innovative environmental planning, programming, and design practice. Special initiatives including the organization of conferences, workshops and publications also support the mission of the Institute. The Institute is located at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Institute on Aging & Environment School of Architecture & Urban Planning
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee P.O.Box 413 Milwaukee, WI 53201
Telephone: 414-229-2991 Fax: 414-229-6976

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