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We’re pleased that you’ve come to the Aging in Community website.  This site will introduce you to the Senior Housing Ideas Competition that is at the center of the Aging in Community initiative, including both the forces that led to the competition and the innovative designs which emerged from it.

The Aging in Community initiative is rooted in impending demographic and social realities.  Milwaukee, like the rest of our nation, is aging. By 2030, one of five Americans will be 65 or older. The costs – social as well as economic -- of caring for this generation of elders will be substantial.  Experts are increasingly calling not just for more senior housing, but for new ideas for such housing,  especially for the combining of housing with associated support services, all integrated within communities.  Over one weekend, Aging in Community assembled teams of creative thinkers to dream and brainstorm about the future. The goal of this ideas competition, associated lectures, presentations and exhibits is the generation and dissemination of design concepts supportive of Aging in Community.  It is our hope to heighten Milwaukee’s awareness of the need for innovation and to encourage the development of senior housing by local civic, religious and fraternal organizations.

We hope the design solutions shared on this website provide you with some sense of the intensity with which the teams worked, the creativity of their thinking, and the excitement engendered throughout the weekend. Even more, it is our hope that everyone associated with the competition—elders, families, care providers, government officials, developers and others—will take up the challenge of bringing these ideas to fruition here in Milwaukee. We look forward to your joining us in this effort.

Finally, it should be noted that this competition emerged from a collaborative town-gown relationship involving multiple foundations, departments of City and County government, and UW-Milwaukee. We thank you all.  

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