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image of Louis Feinstein center

Louis Feinstein Alzheimer's Day Care Center
Cranston, Rhode Island

Architects: Robinson, Myrick and Associates.
Consultants: Institute on Aging and Environment

The Louis Feinstein Day Care Center is a home environment for 50 residents with Alzheimer's Disease and related Dementia. This medically oriented facility is set-up like a contemporary home to create a normalized environment for residents to feel comfortable and unintimidated so they can function at their highest possible level. While repecting the residents need for privacy, the center's innovative provisions reinforce social interaction between resident through occupational kitchen, work areas, library, quiet area, beauty parlor, and suites for nurses and visiting physicians.

Important Design Principles

The contemporary home like setting is located on 20 acres of park land. The entry vestibule serves as a transition space for family members who do not wish to enter the main section. The variety of services: work areas, beauty parlor, lounges, and library all serve to create a familiar environment for the residents while the occupational therapy kitchen utilizes island space so the residents can prepare food in close proximity to each other. The outdoors are brought inside with lots of windows illuminating daily activities. The grounds are landscaped with secure small patios so Alzheimer's patients who like to wander can enjoy the outdoors.

Images below can be clicked for larger imaze sizes

Image of floor plan image of activities image of small group activities
Diagram showing layout of
different spaces
Main activity space and U-shaped
counter off the kitchen area
Secondary activity space for small
group activity


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