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image of seagewood common

Sedgewood Commons Alzheimer's Care Facility
Falmouth , Maine

Architects: SMRT Architecture Engineering Planning
Consultants: Institute on Aging and Environment

The Sedgewood Commons Alzheimer's Care Facility is a home setting for 96 residents with Alzhiemer's and related dementias.. This 46,000 square foot facility stresses the preservation of the residents individual identity by supporting responsibility for activities of every day living. The design of the facility recreates that which is meaningful about home. The design attempts to draw on long term aspects of memory that are most available to residents. The room arrangements and smaller details cue the residents to respond accordingly.

Important Design Principles

The facility is divided into three individual wings, each housing 32 residents, which are subdivided into two 16-resident households. Each household includes a living area arranged around a kitchen and garden. The circulation is carefully planned through the community space with resident rooms on the perimeter. The wandering path on the perimeter allows residents to make choices regarding levels of privacy and social interaction. The path continues to the outdoor "Remembrance of Home" garden providing security and shelter, while allowing the resident freedom and a sense of control. This garden provides residents with flower beds, tool sheds and drying yard, and connect residents with fond memories of their New England home many of them grew up in.

image of building layout image of kitchen area image of hallway
Diagram shows layout of different
spaces of building with two households
Residential kitchen is shared
by two households
View of the living space
from the hallway


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