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The administrative structure of the Institute reflects and supports a broad interdisciplinary approach and agenda. An Advisory Commitee comprised of UW-Milwaukee faculty members from Architecture, Planning, Social Welfare and Occupational Therapy along with a community representative assists the Director and a three-member Executive Committee in setting Institute policies and programs. A Review Panel comprised of nationally known experts in aging-environment studies provides input on both Institute policy and evaluation of proposals for Institute support.

The Institute takes a broad, interdisciplinary perspective to aging-environment relationships, reflecting the complex interactions between social, organizational, and physical systems. Topics of interest to the Institute are as diverse as the behavioral and social impacts of institutional settings, constraints of zoning in the creation of innovative forms of community housing, optimal thermal and luminous conditions for older persons, or the social history of the nursing home as a building type. The Institute therefore, encourages and supports the active involvement and collaboration of researchers and practioners in environmental planning and design, gerontology, the behavioral sciences, and the humanities in the study of aging-environment issues.

The operational approach of the Institute is to act as a catalyst to innovative and significant research and practice, coupled with assistance in securing additional sources of substantial long term support for these activities. The Institute's Seed Grant Program makes funds available to individuals interested in initiating aging-environment research and/or practice. Institute Fellows, focussing on aging-environment issues within the M.Arch and Ph.D programs in Architecture are recruited nationally. The Institute also hosts occasional visiting scholars.


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