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Layton Boulevard Neighborhood


Living above the Shop
This investigation takes the site issues of safety, public and private community, and access to neighborhood amenities, and stitches the project into the urban landscape in a unique design solution. The solution provides a private and secure garden courtyard that is a catalyst for organized and informal activities and interaction. The apartments are all organized in a co housing concept with varying degrees of community shared spaces.

This development creates opportunities and options for the residents.


  • Options of privacy or community for the residents.
  • Options of townhomes, communal housing and traditional apartments.
  • Options of spaces of interaction and spaces of reflection.


  • Create the opportunity to age in place.
  • Create the opportunity to stay involved with the community through classes, working in the Coop, or assist in childcare.
  • Create the opportunity to foster awareness of energy consciousness and sustainable design.
  • Create the opportunity to stay active, safe and energized.



Lawton Boulevard Neighborhood

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