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Bronzeville Neighborhood


Weaving the Fabric of Life
The Kente Cloth is a visual representation of history, philosophy, ethics, oral literature, religious beliefs, social values and political thought in African cultures. This weaving is the dominant concept we use to convey the rich culture and vibrancy of this community.

To truly age in community, the environment must support the changes to the body and mind associated with aging, while providing access to desired activities and services. In addition to housing and nursing care, our community of caring wove together adult day services, elder-friendly town homes, child care services, a Montessori charter school, physical and occupational therapy, pharmacy and retail spaces. A structured community outreach program will be in place to ensure that every resident is presented with a rich tapestry of options. Our environment is much more than a mere link to the community, but rather a way of life. Community occurs naturally–links are inherent.

We established the “Den Mother” concept, to ensure residents have opportunities for daily social interaction and activities. The Den Mother could be a student from the medical or social profession, single mother, or a family member of a resident. In exchange for taking on the role of a live-in Den Mother, these individuals could receive a rent reduction.

Barrier free design goes beyond meeting codes and standards to ensure flexibility and comfort. We incorporated supportive elder features such as simplified wayfinding, reduced travel distances, increased sensitivity to lighting issues, clearances for motorized scooters, and raised planting beds in the garden.

Sustainable design is promoted through the use of materials and applications such as rain gardens, green roofs, geothermal heating, passive cooling, and use of recyclable materials for finishes and flooring. Yet, it is the underlying commitment to this philosophy through activities like recycling, composting etc. that will truly make a difference and sustain the effort.  



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Bronzeville Neighborhood

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