IAM Ongoing Efforts - 1Login


Enterprise Single Sign-On (1Login) at UWM is about fulfilling two desires for users of IT services. The first desire focuses on minimizing the number of times a person needs to "login" while still maintaining a secure environment. The first goal of 1Login will be to introduce a consistent format that people will use to sign-on to many of the commonly used web applications at UWM. By introducing this new format, people will experience signing on to one application and seamlessly gaining access to other common applications without the need to re-enter your ePantherID and password again. This does not mean people will never need to sign-on or only have to sign-on once a day. For various technology and security reasons, some applications will need to remain outside of the 1Login framework. However, the goal is to significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to access the common applications used by the majority of the UWM community.

The other desire focuses on improving access to applications that are supported by people outside of the UWM community. Whether supported by UW-System, another university, government agency or other application provider, there are external applications in use from UWM that need to be accessed in a secure fashion. The second, and longer term goal of eSSO will be to introduce procedures and technology to allow this to happen. Further, the goal is to allow this to happen without the need for a person to have yet another set of user-names and passwords to remember. Collectively, the set of procedures and technology needed to do this is called Federated Identity, or sometimes just Federation.

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