UW System Digital ID

The UW Digital ID service is an implementation of Symantec’s Multi-factor One Time Password (OTP). The purpose of this service is to provide credential assurances when accessing applications with sensitive or confidential information.

The UW Digital ID service is run and maintained by staff in Madison and is coordinated locally through the UWM Identity and Access Management Team.

Rollout to UW-Milwaukee HRS Core users

What is happening?

On October 29th, 2013 UWM HRS Core users will be required to utilize a One Time Password (OTP) or Multi-Factor Authentication in combination with an ePantherID and password when logging into HRS.

Why is this occurring? 

In order to protect critical and sensitive information UW-System has developed a stronger method for logging into UW-System applications. As an HRS Core User with access to sensitive data you will be required to use a One Time Password device beginning October 29th, 2013 when accessing HRS.

What do HRS Core users need to do?

  1. Go to the UW Digital ID website https://uwdigitalid.wisconsin.edu and request a OTP device. You will have two options for an OTP device: a hardware key fob or a smartphone application.

  2. Choose one of the following walk-in sessions, held in Engelmann Hall 122-124, to pick up and register your OTP device. NOTE: You will need to bring two forms of identification. One must be your UWM Campus ID Card. A current Drivers License, UWM Campus ID Card, Military ID, and Passport are acceptable forms of identification.
  • Wednesday, October 16th, 11:30-3:30
  • Thursday, October 17th, 8:30-3:30
  • Friday, October 18th, 8:30-3:30
  • Monday, October 21st, 8:30-3:30
  • Thursday, October 24th 8:30-3:30
  • Monday, October 28th, 8:30-3:30

What happens if I cannot attend on of the walk-in sessions?

  1. You will need to setup an appointment on October 22nd, October 23rd, or October 25th with a Local Registration Authority (LRA) who can issue a One Time Password (OTP) device.
  • LRA contact information will be displayed on the UW Digital ID web application when you request a OTP device. 
  • Again, please don't forget your two forms of ID (Drivers License, UWM Campus ID, Passport or Military ID).

Where can I get more information?

Information regarding user training sessions will be sent by the UW Service Center.

Additional support information can be found within the UW Madison Knowledge Base. https://kb.wisc.edu/search.php?q=OTP

This topic will be discussed in more detail at the HRS Open Forum held on October 18, 2013 from 9:30am-11:00am in Curtin Hall 175, please see for agenda and materials:http://www4.uwm.edu/hr/hrs/pro/#fora.