Team Trivia

Event Details:

Each trivia is hosted at the Gasthaus in the UWM Union. Teams are not charged a registration and they will complete a team registration form prior to playing. The winner and second place team are awarded prizes at each trivia. Team's scores are kept for the season and their is a final trivia competition at the end of the semseter. The champion of the season wins the intramural championship shirt!

Registration Deadline:

Night of the event

Spring 2014 Dates & Times:

For the Scores for that week Click on the Trivia Session

Trivia Session
Weekly Champion
Thursday, January 30th
"Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?"
8:00 PM
The Gasthaus
Omni Consumer Products
Thursday, February 13th
"Nerdy Night of Trivia"
8:00 PM
The Gasthaus
Bam! Pow!
Thursday, February 27th
"And the Oscar goes to..."
8:00 PM
The Gasthaus
Thursday, March 27th
"March Goes On"
8:00 PM
The Gasthaus
Thursday, April 10th
"Strictly Presidential"
8:00 PM
The Gasthaus
Thursday, April 24th
"Ring! Ring!"
8:00 PM
The Gasthaus
Thursday, May 8th
8:00 PM
The Gasthaus

Spring 2014 Overall Standings (.pdf) (UPDATED 2/17/14)



Semester League Team Name (click for images)
Spring 2012 Trivia The Aristocrats
Fall 2011 Trivia The Aristocrats
Fall 2010 Trivia NA
Spring 2010 Trivia NA
Fall 2009 Trivia NA

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