Frequently Asked Questions

We have many questions that are asked every semester, hopefully you can find an answer on this page.

Who's able to participate?

Because we are supported by segregated fees paid by students, only students who have access to the Klotsche Center are allowed to participate, along with faculty/staff who are members. Students can access the Klotsche Center if they are paying segregated fees and are enrolled in a class. Please contact enrollment if you have any questions about your student status. Guests cannot participate!

How do I register for Intramural Sports?

We only take team registration for Intramural team sports, and individuals can sign up for individual sports. To register you need to bring your team roster and forfeit fee to the Intramural Desk (located at the Klotsche Information Center) between 10am and 7pm during the first three weeks of the semester (12noon - 5pm during the rest of the school year). Registration begins the first day of classes for each semester. Don't forget there is a deadline for registration and the sport can fill up prior to that deadline. Also, all sports have a minimum and maximum number of players you can have and register with. If you are signing up for an individual sport, you just need to bring your forfeit fee to register.

What do I do if I don't know enough people to make a team?

Right now, we don't take individual registration for team sports. There are a couple of ways to introduce yourself to a team. First, you could attend the mandatory captain's meeting and talk to the team captains and see if any teams are short players. The other way is to attend the first week's games. There you could see if any teams are actually short players, or introduce yourself to the teams. Teams can add players until their third game.

How can I join the "TEAM"?

If you are referring to joining our Intramural Sports team, we don't have just one team. The Intramural Sports program conducts leagues for teams to participate in, not just one team.If you are looking for a "TEAM", check to see if there is a sport club.. You can check to see if there is a specific sport club by going to, and see if there is a club team for the sport you are interested in. You can go to the Center for Student Involvement web page for more details about student organizations (sport clubs are student organizations),

Am I able to bring in a guest to watch me play?

Yes. Any of our events outdoors and at Engelmann gym are open for people to come watch. If your event is at the Klosche Center or Pavilion, they will either need to be a student, or you will need a guest pass. Guest passes are normally $10 for the facility. You can pick up a free "Spectator Pass" from the Intramural Desk, the Intramural Coordinator, or the Intramural Director during normal business hours. The "spectator pass" is only there to allow a guest to come watch an Intramural event, they cannot use the facility for any other reason.

Are there employment opportunities in Intramural Sports?

Yes. The student positions are Sport Supervisor, Referee/Official, and Scorekeeper. Every semester we hire new Officials and Scorekeepers. Our Sport Supervisors are usually officials or scorekeepers who have worked for at least a year in intramurals. Please see our employment page for more details.

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