Disable File Sharing Software


When not being used for legal purposes, file sharing programs should be disabled or removed to help prevent illegal sharing of music or video files.

Follow these steps to disable the file sharing software on computers:

     Windows-based Operating System:

     -Click ‘Start’ > ‘Run’ and type ‘msconfig’ into the dialog box and click ‘OK’
     -Select the ‘Startup’ tab
     -Uncheck the box next to the name of the file sharing application
     -Click ‘OK’ to close the Msconfig utility 

     Macintosh (Mac)-based Operating System:

     -Click ‘System Preferences’ > ‘Accounts’ > ‘Startup Items’
     -Remove the file sharing software from Startup Items

Follow these steps below to remove file sharing software:

     Windows-based Operating System
     -Navigate through the start menu to the ‘Control Panel’
     -Click on the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ link to open the program manager
     -Select the file sharing program and click ‘Remove’

      Macintosh (Mac)-based Operating System:
     -Drag the application icon into the trash bin