2012 National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Join the UWM Information Security Office in celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month, NCSAM!  Sponsored nationally by the National Cyber Security Alliance, NCSA, October is designated as a time to focus on increasing public awareness of cyber security issues.


Online Training: Certificate in Information Security

Information Security Training is available for free to the campus community online and on-demand. Earn a Certificate in Information Security by completing five training modules.

Weekly Blogssponsored by EDUCAUSEBlogger: Lance Spitzner, Training Director, SANS Securing the Human Program

10/1/12              Social Media Safety

10/10/12            Cloud Security

10/17/12            The Real Reason the Human is the Weakest Link


UWM Benefits and Wellness Fair – Visit the Information Security Team and receive safe computing tips and resources.


EDUCAUSE Live! Webinar
Security Awareness and Communication in the C-Suite

Archived Presentation

Speaker:             Dave Cullinane, Chief Information Security Officer at eBay (retired) and Co-Founder of the Cloud Security Alliance

Topic:   This free hour-long webinar, “Security Awareness and Communication in the C-Suite,” will focus on how to advance executive understanding and awareness of recent challenges such as cloud security, privacy, compliance, BYOD, enterprise risk management, and other issues currently faced by campuses.

Date TBD

New Online Training Available! – The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, DMCA,  makes it illegal to republish copyrighted information by downloading, uploading or file sharing media such as music, movies or software. Complete this training to learn about the DMCA and your individual responsibilities to ensure compliance with this law.