Online Training: Certificate In Information Security

NOTE: The Certificate in Information Security will be retired 2/1/13. Two new certificates the Information Security and Privacy Certification and the Information Security and Privacy Certification - Advanced will be available in July, 2013.


Presented by the UWM Information Security Office in partnership with UWM Employee Development and UITS Professional Development, this certificate provides on-line training on subjects and policies that help to protect your identity, data and computer.

Each training lasts 15 minutes or less and each training consists of an audible slide show presentation and a 10-question knowledge assessment. Successful completion of three Information Security subjects and two policy-based training will meet the requirements for the Certificate in Information Security.

The training will be tracked in your My Development training record and can be retrieved, printed or shared at your convenience to be used for performance reviews, resume tracking and/or professional development purposes. 

Access the the training materials at Certificate in Information Security or access the individual training areas below.

Category A: Information Security Training (minimum of three required)

Information Security Policy

UWM's Acceptable Use Policy for IT Resources

Identity Theft Program: FTC Red Flags

Assurance Protocol for Social Security Numbers

Compromised Accounts, Passwords and Phishing

Category B: Policy-based Training (minimum of two required)

Complying with Wisconsin's Open Meeting Law

Key Legal and Ethical Issues for UWM Employees


The Certifcate will be available for print upon completion of the appropriate training modules.

Additional on-line training including the Confidentiality Acknowledgement training is also available at Employee Development.