Free Information Security Webcasts from SANS

The following free webcasts are from a trusted information security and awareness source, the SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute.

WEBCAST 11/15/12 at Noon
Title: How to Develop a Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy
Featuring: Benjamin Wright

As mobile devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones have become the typical tools for professionals to do their work, many employers have allowed and even encouraged employees to use their own devices. Some employers today subsidize the cost of mobile devices that employees purchase and then use part time for work. But setting policy on employee-owned devices can be really hard. This webinar will examine case law and policy options related to such topics as security and record retention and destruction. It will offer sample language as a starting place for drafting policy, while explaining the risks and benefits of wording a policy one way or another. Mr. Wright will give practical tips and suggestions on how to develop a policy that everyone in an enterprise can (more or less) live with, while explaining pitfalls and suggestions for employee training and education.

WEBCAST 11/27/12 at Noon
Title: Mayans, Mesh networks and Mayhem on your Networks?
Featuring: Larry Pesce

In recent months there has been some discussion about leveraging existing installations of Wi-Fi networks to help support emergency communications in the event of a disaster, be it geopolitical, natural or lack of room on the calendar. While this seems to be a great
opportunity to support the community, what can this change of function in our Wi-Fi networks bring for security issues on our networks? During this webcast we'll examine some of the security implications, how we can help the community while being secure and how we can leverage our knowledge to help guide the future path of Wi-Fi mesh networking. These mesh network will likely see more prevalence, and more guidance may be needed to keep our meshes secure, so let's hope that the Mayans are wrong.