Change Advisory Board Rotation Announcement

June 28, 2012

The UITS Change Advisory Board (CAB), the team that oversees the change management process at UITS, will rotate part of its membership in accordance with the team charter. Team members commit to serving a 1 year term.

Starting July 2, 2012, the UITS CAB will include several new members. These members were selected to represent the diversity of technology areas/groups that exists within UITS. Also, a few of the original members will be rotating off the CAB.

A special recognition should be given to Steve Premeau, Beth Schaefer and Mark Jacobson who have contributed their time and talents to help launch the change management process. Steve and Beth will be rotating off of the team and will be greatly missed. Mark will stay involved, but at a different capacity.

The new CAB members are Chris Spadanuda, Jake Clark and Scott Kleba. Their contributions will help keep the change management process moving forward as we embark on some exciting initiatives that will help make the process more robust and efficient. Also, Luciana Cancado will step into the CAB vice-chair position.

Change Advisory Board members on July 2, 2012:
  • Jake Clark (Infrastructure Services)
  • Scott Kleba (Desktop Support)
  • Chris Spadanuda (Middleware & Identity Management)
  • Luciana Cancado (Vice-Chair, IT Service Delivery)
  • Joe Frohne (Chair/Change Manager, System Integration Support)
  • Melissa Woo (Executive Sponsor)
  • Wendy Luljak (SME Communications)
  • Matt Baran (SME Networking)
  • Mark Jacobson (SME Mobile & Web Services, Change Tracker Software Liaison)