Change Management Pilot Launched

January 7, 2011

The new UITS Change Management Pilot has been launched with a kickoff meeting on Jan 7, 2011. The goal of the change management pilot is for the pilot services to use the new change management process and Change Tracker tool in place of the current change advisory process for approximately 4 weeks for the purposes of collecting feedback on the effectiveness of both process and tool and to gather feedback on how to roll out the process and tool to additional IT services.

A list of IT services invited to participate in the pilot follows:

  • Cattrack (web development)
  • Change tracker (web development)
  • Desktop images (desktop support)
  • PROWLnet support (network services)
  • Software licensing server (software asset management)
  •  UWM web environment and cms (application support, system integration support and web development)

The change management process is a refinement of the UITS change advisory process. The new process has been developed based on feedback provided by UITS staff, Operations team and CIO Cabinet. The change management process will be facilitated by a newly formed UITS team called the Change Advisory Board (CAB). In the new process, the CAB replaces the UITS Operations team as the team that reviews and comments on changes.

A web-based tool called the Change Tracker has been developed to support the change management process. The Change Tracker is an online change request web form and change database, built to facilitate the change management process, automate notifications and to store all changes in a centralized location.

Throughout the pilot, services will be asked to actively assess the effectiveness and efficiency of both process and tool, and document their feedback so that the CAB can take action on areas requiring further refinement and implement ideas that will provide additional value to the individuals using the process and tool.