New UITS Service Proposal Process in Place

May 31, 2012

A new, more streamlined and efficient UITS Service Proposal Process is now in effect. The new process aims to better define the steps, roles and responsibilities for those involved, as well as allow for greater transparency. The Service Proposal Process is part of the overall UITS Service Strategy initiative.

“This new service proposal process will help effectively manage our resources and make sure we’re doing the things the campus wants and needs us to do,” said Bobby Jo Morse (Project Management). “This has been a culmination of a lot of hard work by a lot of people.”

Mark Jacobson (Web & Mobile Services Development), Bobby Jo Morse (Project Management), Beth Schaefer (Client Services), Deputy CIO David Stack and Melissa Woo (Network & Operations Services) all served on the project team. The new process is enabled each time an individual submits a request to the UITS Cabinet to retire an existing service, add a new service to campus or enhance an existing one.

New Features:

The new UITS Service Proposal Process boasts many new features. A pantherFILE space for the Service Proposal Process has been established that can be accessed by all UITS full-time staff. There, individuals can find:

  • Documentation that details the purpose of the process, its steps, and individual roles and responsibilities
  • A standardized service proposal template form to be used to submit service retirements, additions or enhancements
  • An up-to-date spreadsheet that allows individuals to track submitted proposals and see their current status
  • Archived proposal documentation

“This new UITS Service Proposal Process is just one piece in the foundation we’re creating for our management of our portfolio and projects,” said Morse. “Having this foundation will allow us to mature more in portfolio and resource management.”