UITS Service Portfolio Coming Soon

January 29, 2013

For the past year, UITS staff have been hard at work compiling a Service Portfolio - an internal document listing UITS services and relevant operational support information. So far, 51 distinct services have been identified and are included. Mick Brickner (Professional Development) has been leading this initiative and will act as the Service Portfolio process owner once it is launched.

“The Service Portfolio will work in conjunction with the Service Catalog, which is an outward-facing document listing our services for the public,” said Brickner. “The goal for the Portfolio is to have in one online location all of the service information needed for a support professional.”

This includes:

  • A summary of the service
  • Contact information for the service owner and sponsor
  • Customers who can use the service (e.g., faculty, staff, students)
  • How to gain access (i.e., if an ePantherID is needed)
  • Service availability (hours of operation, scheduled maintenance windows)
  • Where to get assistance (service contact information, Web forms, etc.)
  • Services charges (if applicable)
  • Applicable policies impacting the service (e.g., FERPA, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Training and documentation
  • Internal support-related information (e.g., how to escalate problems reported, what dependencies does the service have, etc.)


The initiative is tied into UITS’ Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) program. “In theory if you have a comprehensive list of resources such as this, it helps inform decisions made when adding, shifting or decommissioning services on campus,” said Brickner. “It allows staff to look at the bigger picture and use the information strategically.”

In addition, the Service Portfolio will help guide UITS staff in the right direction if they have questions about a particular service or who’s involved. This is particularly beneficial for the UWM Help Desk which receives calls about a myriad of technology issues from throughout the University.

Published Soon

Currently, plans are to publish the Service Portfolio in the new Tech Wiki which is launching this spring. The Portfolio will only be viewable by UITS staff who authenticate to the Wiki and will have the potential to allow comments on pages.

“Keeping the Service Portfolio up-to-date, useful and relevant will be the ongoing challenge,” said Brickner. “We’re constantly thinking about ways to involve other people and get them to use the resource. Hopefully in the future we’ll expand upon the work we’ve already done and bring in other University technology services not necessarily owned by UITS.”