Service Proposal Process

The UITS Service Proposal Process is contained in the Service Strategy lifecycle and has the objective to streamline the process for submitting requests for enhancements and retirement of both new and existing services. Some features of this process include:

  • Documentation outlining the purpose of the process, steps, roles and responsibilities
  • An easy-to-complete service proposal template form
  • A new tracking system to provide information about proposal status
  • A shared pantherFILE space to store and archive proposal documentation

The new UITS-shared pantherFILE space is where you will find the following:

  • Folders for archiving proposals (approved, in-review, not approved and pending)
  • Spreadsheet containing the status of all proposals received
  • Documentation that outlines the process purpose, steps, roles, and responsibilities

Process Resources

(Access restricted to UITS staff with a valid ePantherID)