Current and Potential Students: Fall 2010 Courses

Fall 2010 Courses

Jewish 101 Jewish Culture in America: History, Literature, Film TR 12:30-1:45/ Baum
Jewish 192 Freshman Seminar: The Devil Made Me Do It, Human Nature MW 12:30-1:45/
Jewish 247 Topics in Jewish Literature, Art, and Culture: 'Jews in America: Immigration to the Present' ONLINE/Crain
Jewish 261 Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images TR 3:30-4:45/ Baum
Jewish 282 Jewish Identity in Contemporary America TR 11:00-12:15/ Baum
Jewish 328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict TR 11:00-12:15/ Crain
Jewish 379 Introduction to Jewish History TR 3:30-4:45/ Silverman
Hebr 101 First Semester Hebrew MTWR 10-10:50/ Margolis
Hebr 105 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I MW 10-11:50/ Brusin
Hebr 201 Third-Semester Hebrew MW 12:30-1:45/ Mazor
Hebr 231 Introduction to the Old Testament/
Hebrew Bible
MW 12:30-1:45/ Brusin
Hebr 254 Studies in Hebrew Culture: Moses, Jesus and Mohammed TR 12:30-1:45/ Crain
Hebr 274 Ancient Egyptian Civilization MW 9:30-10:45/ Precourt
Hebr 301 Modern Hebrew Literature I in Hebrew MW 2-3:15/ Mazor
Hebr 332 Women in the Bible TR 11-12:15/ Margolis
Hist 282 The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries TR 12:30-1:45/ Amster
Hist 364 The Holocaust: Anti-Semitism & the Fate of Jewish People in Europe, 1933-1945 ONLINE/ Silverman
Hist 379 Introduction to Jewish History TR 3:30-4:45/ Silverman
Polsci 328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict TR 11-12:15/ Crain

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