Current and Potential Students: Spring 2011 Courses

Spring 2011 Courses

Jewish 101 Jewish Culture in America: History, Literature, Film ONLINE/Baum
Jewish 247 Topics in Jewish Literature, Art, and Culture: Antisemitism from Biblical Times to the Present TR 2-3:15/ Crain
Jewish 261 Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images ONLINE/Baum
Jewish 268 Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocaust TR 11-12:15/ Baum
Jewish 328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict TR 12:30-1:45/ Crain
Jewish 358 The Jews of Modern Europe: History and Culture TR 3:30-4:45/ Silverman
Hebr 102 Second Semester Hebrew MTWR 10-10:50/ Margolis
Hebr 106 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II MW 10-11:50/ Brusin
Hebr 202 Fourth Semester Hebrew MW 12:30-1:45/ Mazor
Hebr 238 Topics in Hebrew/Jewish Literature, Art and Culture:

Survey of Jewish Fiction

Searching for Historical Jesus

Judaism, Christianity, Islam: 3 Religions-One God

TR 9:30-10:45/ Berkowitz
MW 12:30-1:45/ Brusin
TR 11-12:15/ Crain
Hebr 274 Ancient Egyptian Civilization TR 9:30-10:45/ Precourt
Hebr 302 Modern Hebrew Literature II in Hebrew MW 2:00-2:50/ Mazor
Hebr 321 The Holocaust and the Politics of Memory MW 11-12:15/ Listoe
Hebr 332 Women in the Bible ONLINE/Margolis

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