Kathleen Jurkiewicz

Katie Jentges

Originally a history major, I wound up in two Jewish Studies courses by chance in my junior year. Since one fulfilled a history requirement and the other sounded interesting, I figured I had very little to lose. After taking Dr. Silverman's Introduction to Jewish History and Dr. Baum's Jewish Culture in America: History, Literature, and Film, I was sold on Jewish Studies at UWM. The classes captivated me and sparked a new interest in this field. With each Jewish Studies class I enrolled in, I began to enjoy the subject even more, and before I knew it, I wound up declaring Jewish Studies as a second major. The second major allowed me to take the classes I most enjoyed, including Dr. Crain's Jewish Wisconsin, while having the courses count towards both majors.

The Jewish Studies courses I took would not have been the same without the devoted faculty of UWM's Center for Jewish Studies. Each professor's approach to teaching Jewish Studies subjects such as Jewish culture, history, and the Holocaust made the classes that much more interesting. The small community of Jewish Studies students allows the faculty to get to know students well, and such one-on-one relationships make classes more personal and meaningful on many levels.

In May 2010, I graduated summa cum laude from UWM with a Bachelor's in History and Jewish Studies, and Chava Frankfort-Nachmias Scholarship from the Center for Jewish Studies during my last semester as an undergraduate. I am currently pursuing my Master's in Library and Information Science at UWM, with a concentration in archives and cataloging. I hope one day to combine my background in Jewish Studies and History with my training in archival work and cataloging.