LACUSL Speaker Series

Jonathan D. W. Kahl, Atmospheric Science

"The World's First Atmospheric Science Study Abroad Course: Mexico - Air Pollution and Ancient Cultures"

Jonathan Kahl event poster

For several years the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Atmospheric Science group has offered the faculty-led study abroad program "Mexico: Air Pollution and Ancient Cultures." In the course, open to both atmospheric science majors and non-majors alike as well as to students attending other colleges and universities, participating students learn about the corrosive effects of acid deposition on the limestone surfaces of Mesoamerican archaeological sites.

The course content includes not only the science aspects of acid rain and environmental corrosion, but also aspects of Mesoamerican history and anthropology, as well as personal reflection on a variety of social science topics via journaling. The academic content is delivered via lectures and labs, guided tours of museums and archaeological sites, visits to Mexican universities, and hands-on measurements and analysis. Post-program surveys indicate that participating students consider the program to be quite valuable in terms of both academic and personal growth.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Lapham Hall 260

LACUSL Speaker Series

is presented by the Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies Program. This talk is co-sponsored by the UWM Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies and Center for International Education.